NEXT LEVEL - Woodland Greige

NEXT LEVEL - Classic Finish Woodland Greige is one of our newest greige colors darker than Charlie Girl. NEXT LEVEL -...

NEXT LEVEL - Classic Finish Woodland Greige is one of our newest greige colors darker than Charlie Girl.

NEXT LEVEL - Classic Finish is The Chippy Barn's newest smooth, sleek, economical acrylic base easy to use Smart paint for furniture and home decor projects specially formulated for self leveling, easy brushing, spraying, and rolling on all your special projects whether it be for your home or business! NEXT LEVEL - Classic Finish is the new easy to use water base furniture paint with very low odor and VOC content. NEXT LEVEL - Classic Finish is very similar to our Amulent® Ceramic Technology paint line but in a matte low luster satin style hybrid sheen twist! Seal with The Chippy Barn easy to use Specialty Wax or Ultra Tough Top coat after painting if desired for maximum protection.

The Chippy Barn Next Level - Classic Finish produces gorgeous results with designer tones and hues. Created with The Chippy Barn’s advanced technology and specialized resins, Next Level - Classic Finish produces a unique and gorgeous matte sheen with a very low luster satin appearance at certain angles! Use on wood, plastic, metal and more inside your home or business. The Chippy barn’s gorgeous soft artisan tones and hues that we are so well known for kick it all up to a NEXT LEVEL - Classic Finish appearance!

Brushed, sprayed, or rolled it's a gorgeous finish every time!


Directions for use:

 1.Stir thoroughly before using (read full directions for use) <100 g/L VOC

 2.Clean area to be painted well and prime with The Chippy Barn® PRIME TIME Bonding Primer before painting. Always Paint in thin layers to allow for proper curing and dry times. Thick coats of paint will extend curing and dry times and may lead to a soft finish.

3.Spray or use a high quality polyester brush. Sand lightly between coats with 220 grit sandpaper if desired.

4.Paint in temperatures of 60-80 degree F. @ 45-70% humidity for proper dry and curing.

5.Dry to touch in 1 hour. Recoat in 4 hours. Allow 21-30 days for full cure and hardening. Indoor use only. Seal with The Chippy Barn® Ultra Tough Top Coat or Specialty Wax.

6.Do not scratch or scrape within the recommended curing times





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NEXT LEVEL - Woodland Greige
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