PRIME TIME- Bonding Primer
The Chippy Barn - PRIME TIME  Bonding Primer is designed with supreme gripping power for all your furniture refinishing projects, raw wood sealing, millwork, doors, trim, siding, and ferrous & non-ferrous metals that are properly prepared inside your home and...
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2" Oval Purple Painter
  2" Oval Purple Painter Synthetic bristle brush. Economical, Colorful and Easy to use.Perfect for The Chippy Barn's Paints, Stains, Waxes, and Top Coats! Pick up extra paint with the Oval style design and paint away! The long round skinny...
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Blue Double Sided Sanding Pad
Blue Double Sided Sanding Pad with soft padding in the middle for an easy comfortable way to sand and distress your pieces. Wash out after each use and use for multiple projects. Approx 120 grit. Each pad measures 2 5/8"...
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TCB- Blue Techno Grit Sanding Pad
Ultra fine Grit double Sided foam sanding pad. Perfect for sanding between Luxe Tones layers and Ultra Tough Top Coat applications.Rinse with warm water and use over and over again! Consists of one Techno- Grit  Sanding Pad @ $4.99 each.
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