Ultra-Tough Topcoat

Non-Yellowing Topcoat + Scratch and Moisture Resistant + Easy Cleanup! When looking to give your painted pieces super...

Non-Yellowing Topcoat + Scratch and Moisture Resistant + Easy Cleanup!

When looking to give your painted pieces superior protection from scratches, scuffs, and moisture, you can trust The Chippy Barn’s Ultra-Tough Topcoat to provide the non-yellowing protection you’ve been looking for! Available in Flat, Satin, & Gloss Finishes!


1. Make sure to completely seal your wooden pieces  with Shellac or another type of tannin blocking primer to ensure you do not get discoloration, yellowing, browning, or tannin bleed through into your painted surface when using a water base top coat. Ultra Tough Top coat is a water base sealer. Be carefull not to allow any pooling of top coat in crevices and ornate details as you may get some discoloration due to excessive top coat build up in these areas. Ultra Tough Top Coat will not yellow when used properly and pieces are sealed to block tannins prior to painting and sealing.

***Please know that when using a water base top coat the water in the top coat may possibly pull tannins into your painted surface and cause discoloration of your painted surface such as yellowing and browning unless your wooden piece is completely sealed with shellac or its equal prior to painting. Mahogany, Cherry, and many other types of wood will cause this discoloration unless sealed in before painting and using a water base top coat such as Ultra Tough Top Coat.

2. Using light, even strokes apply with either a foam brush, specialized poly brush, or sprayer. Spraying will always produce the best finish.Under ideal condition (70ºF, low humidity) you can re-coat in two hours.. If using a foam brush do not push hard on the foam brush or you may get bubbles in your finish. Foam brushes do produce bubbles so we suggest being very carefull if you use a foam brush on large surfaces such as table tops and the like.

3. Apply 2-3 thin coats for max protection, sanding with a fine grit sandpaper in between coats.

4. If applying UTTC over a painted piece be sure to completely seal your piece with Shellac or a high grade shellac base primer before painting to prevent any tannin bleed through into your painted surface and also then into UTTC causing discoloration or yellowing into your UTTC finish.

5. Spraying UTTC:  Spray medium wet films 3-4 mil thickness. Spray compressed air 0.40” fluid tip/medium cap: HVLP; 0.043-0.051” fluid tip/medium cap; Airless or Air Assist: 0.009-0.011” tip. Sand with #320 grit sterated or finer between coats, 3 coats minimum recommended. Remove dust before recoating. Do not use tack rags to remove dust. Ultra Tough Top Coat may be used over most solvent and water based stains. Allow stain to dry thoroughly before sealing. Allow solvent based stains 48-72 hours dry time. Additional coats may be applied to increase depth and durability. Drying times: 30 minutes to touch, time to sand and recoat 1-2 hours, light use 7-10 days, until cured 21 days. Estimates based off 70 degrees F and 50% RH. (Cooler temperatures will prolong dry time up to 4-6 hours.) 

6. Please note that The Chippy Barns' UTTC is a professional finish Acrylic Urethane formulation. Flat UTTC will have a slight sheen to it.

7. For a well mixed topcoat, your stir stick should not show any material left on the bottom of the stick when removed.

8. Reduce up to 20% with distilled water or reducer if needed.

9. After application, keep surface away from moisture and heat.


The Chippy Barn ships to the USA and Canada. No returns. All sales final.(Canadian residents please be aware that our site will display UPS Standard shipping rates for Canada but you will also be responsible to pay for all Duty and Tax fees over and above the UPS Standard rates produced on our site. Duty and Tax fees will be accessed at the border crossing on your order well after it leaves The Chippy Barn location. The Chippy Barn has no control over what these cost may be to you the purchaser). Your order will ship from The Chippy Barn location within 2 - 5 business days after purchase. All orders In the USA we will ship either through UPS Ground or USPS . Once your order ships you will receive a tracking link sent to your email with details on when your order will be arriving to you. We take great care and pride in how we package your order so it arrives to you in perfect condition. Your order will arrive to you in branded The Chippy Barn boxes or mailers.

Ultra-Tough Topcoat
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