Luxe Tones

Luxe Tones™ are the perfect way to get a beautifully stained finish on your wooden projects! Luxes Tones™ creates t...

Luxe Tones™ are the perfect way to get a beautifully stained finish on your wooden projects! Luxes Tones™ creates the beautiful look you love with a wood stain and matte sealer all in one step. Luxe Tones is a water base product. Staining has never been easier!  


1. Mix thoroughly by stirring. Do not shake.
2. Clean the area you are staining to remove any dirt off the surface.
3. Apply with your favorite brush. 
4. Allow to dry approximately 2 hours between coats

* Luxe Tones sealer is a light sealer that helps make your furniture project beautiful! Luxe Tones are not designed as a sealer for table tops etc.You can apply an additional sealer over Luxe Tones if needed or desired for your specific project.

*Wear gloves and apply 1-3 coats. Each additional coat will darken the color and add extra protection.

*Sand between coats with a fine grit sandpaper for the smoothest finish.*

* Pickled Luxe Tones is a light wash type finish that is meant to be used as more of a white wash for adding some "Pickling White" to a surface but not as a deep stain into the wood grain itself.

* Clean up with warm water and dish soap


Please note: Luxe Tone colors are shown on soft white pine corbels. Every wood type will display colors differently. Pickled Luxe Tones is meant to be used mostly as a White Wash type of tone to a surface and not as a deep stain into the wood grain.


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Luxe Tones
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