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Amulent is the newest and most innovative way to paint furniture! Created for ease and loved for the gorgeous results it provides, Amulent is the paint that more and more furniture painters are turning to.
Whether you're creating an antiqued and time-worn look or a modern and sleek look, Amulent can do it all! Simply put, Amulent utilizes a special type of ceramic technology that allows it to outperform your expectations - with excellent flow and leveling properties, strength, durability and workability that is unmatched by any of its competition. Using any application technique, from beginner to seasoned professional, you can easily create any look you desire!
No, Amulent Decor Paint prides itself on being completely different - it's not chalk, it's ceramic! But why is this important? Because Amulent remains untouched by unneeded additives, so its undiluted formula provides extreme durability with exceptional coverage and smoothness - something we're already becoming know for! But want to hear from someone other than ourselves? Just search our Instagram for first-hand testimonials from the furniture artisans who already love Amulent! Testimonial page coming soon!
Yes, absolutely! In fact, Amulent smoothes away evenly and cleanly with minimal mess for a gorgeous and natural antiqued look!
Amulent is extremely durable. Paint your piece and do a scratch test and find for yourself that Amulent sets exceptionally hard - while still allowing you to easily distress using your preferred method. However, as standard across the paint industry, Amulent requires 30 days to achieve full cure - resulting in an even harder, more durable finish.
Amulent Decor Paint is virtually VOC Free. We list Amulent as "Ultra-Low VOC" meaning it's less then 2 grams per litre of VOC. (<2g/L)
Other than giving it a good stir, nope! Just stir thoroughly making sure all materials are well blended together and then start painting!
It depends on the state of your furniture piece before you start painting, but we always suggest prepping well to ensure a long lasting finish. Regardless of the level of prep you choose to do, Amulent is highly durable and will adhere to most all surfaces. However, you will want to scuff sand any glossy surfaces, as is typically advised.
While you don't have to, we always suggest using either a wax for light protection, or water-based topcoat for max protection from scratches and moisture. The Chippy Barn offers two great sealers - our Ultra-Tough Topcoat and Specialty Wax.
Yes, Ultra-Tough Topcoat is non-yellowing if you prep properly before spraying UTTC. Ultra-Tough Topcoat can be used over white painted furniture if you shellac with Bulls Eye Clear Shellac first by brushing it on before painting to seal in any tannins and possible discoloration that can seep into the painted surface once a water base top coat is applied.. Up to 3 coats of Shellac may be needed depending on your situation.UTTC does not yellow but unsealed wood and any other surface will cause yellowing and discoloration. Always spray UTTC. Do NOT use a foam brush or roller!
Your order will leave our location within 2-4 business days after purchase. You can expect your package within 2- 5 business days after shipment depending on your shipping region. Our items ship exclusively through UPS Ground unless you pick another shipping option at check out. We currently ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
We are unable to accept returns for paint, stains, sealers and the like unless major damage has occurred during its time in transit after it leaves our location. If paint, stains, sealers or the like are severely damaged and unusable when it arrives to you, just take several pictures at different angles of the damaged items and the damaged packaging and email them to us within 24 hours so we can document the damage. We do accept returns for hardware sold in our store. You may return the item to us within 15 days of delivery. All items must be in excellent re-sellable condition with no damage. Please repack all hardware with care to avoid damage during shipment. It will be your responsibility to pay for all shipping charges back to us. Unfortunately shipping charges cannot be refunded.
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Stir Amulent thoroughly for up to 2 minutes before painting and do not shake to mix it unless you put in a shaker for 1 1/2 - 2 minutes. There is no need to add water to Amulent. Apply Amulent in thin coats by spraying or with a good Synthetic brush and do not over work it.A little bit of Amulent goes a long way. Amulent is a Matte style finish paint so there will be no shine to it. Dark colors may appear slightly transparent with the first coat this is normal. Amulent will self level so just stand back and watch it smooth itself out as it dries. "Amulent does the work so you don't have to". Once dry Amulent will be very smooth with little to no brush strokes visible. If spraying Amulent do not add more then 5% water to thin. Amulent sprays beautifully to a super smooth pristine Matte finish. Weather you choose to Brush or Spray Amulent, the finish will be unmatched by any of it's competition!
Ultra Tough Top Coat is a professional grade Acrylic Urethane formulation that produces outstanding finishes when sprayed.When using Ultra Tough Top Coat stir gently for 1 - 2 minutes before use and never shake or you will introduce air bubbles into the solution. We always suggest spraying UTTC for the smoothest finish. Do not brush UTTC with a foam brush and do not roll UTTC as you may get air bubbles. If you use a brush use a very good high quality Synthetic brush and do not over work. We always suggest spraying for the best professional finish. If you choose to use a foam brush, or roller you will be using UTTC in a manner we do not recommend. VOC <265 g/L (less then 265 grams per litre)
Luxe Tones are The Chippy Barn's stain and sealer all in one! Luxe Tones are a water base product. Luxe Tones are designed to sink deeply into wood grain to stain and enhance the grain with the first layer of application and then allow you to build on the finish and deepen the color with each additional layer you apply. We suggest up to three coats/ layers. Luxe Tones will lightly seal your wooden pieces with a subtle flat sheen as it is applied with each layer. If additional protection is desired you may use our Ultra Tough Top Coat on top of Luxe Tones for additional protection. All Luxe Tones Colors can be inter mixed with each other or layered ontop of each other to create endless designs and appearances in your finish! Apply Luxe Tones by brushing it on to your special piece and then just let it sit until dry and do not over work. Do not try and wipe off Luxe Tones like you may a basic stain once brushed on, just let it sit and dry. Remember Luxe Tones are a stain and sealer all in one! Clean up with soap and water
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