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THE CHIPPY BARN - (Spray-PRO+) HVLP paint spray system makes painting all your furniture and home decor projects easy...

THE CHIPPY BARN - (Spray-PRO+) HVLP paint spray system makes painting all your furniture and home decor projects easy! (Use only TCB Amulent®, FINE FINISH- Hybrid Enamel, NEXT LEVEL- Classic Finish Paint, TCB- Prime Time Bonding Primer, and TCB-Ultra Tough Top Coat with your Spray~Pro+. Use only high quality TCB products in your Spray~Pro+. Do not use cheap latex paint or other inferior paint brands with your Spray~Pro+, use ONLY High quality TCB brand products as shown above.. Your Spray~Pro+ will be shipped in two separate pieces in the box. Hold the nozzle section in your left hand and the motor section in your right hand then Just easily attached the nozzle section to the motor section an turn clockwise 90 degrees until you hear the click! “Click- Click Boom” and you’re ready to fill your paint container and begin spraying! Measure the flow of TCB paint to approximately 40 seconds in the viscosity cup included, load your paint into the container and you’re ready to paint! Add TCB Ultra Tough Top Coat directly into container and you’re ready to spray with no thinning needed. The 1mm - 1.8mm spray tip and needle will be desirable to spray The Chippy Barn® Ultra Tough Top Coat to 2-3 mill thickness as a wet coat as our instructions show under our Ultra Tough Top coat product description and suggested use and application. Practice first on spare wood and finishes to get a good feel for spraying being careful your top coat application does not run. If top coats run then things change forever with your final finish and nobody wants that! The (Spray~PRO+) spray system comes already set up with a 1.0 mm tip for spraying Amulent® furniture and decor paint. The (Spray~PRO+) is to be used to spray TCB brand paint, Prime Time Bonding Primer, and Ultra Tough Top coat. We suggest always practicing on scrap wood and other materials to get a good feel for spraying and to be sure you have the sprayer dialed in to your personal preference with your preferred spray tip and needle installed and flow adjustment and spray pattern knobs set to your preferences. Each TCB- Spray~ Pro+ comes with a 1mm spray tip and needle installed from the  factory and an extra 1mm, 1.8mm, and 2.5mm spray tip and needle included in each set for your use as needed for your various projects and types. Be sure to keep the spray tip and needle cleaned often when spraying as the warm air produced by spraying will dry paint quickly around tips and needles when spraying. Always thoroughly clean sprayer tips and needles during and after each use. Remove spray tips and needles after each use and clean thoroughly. Proper maintenance and cleaning is required to keep your Spray~Pro+ in good working order. Replacement suction tubes and additional paint containers are available at an extra  cost. (Initial set up is a suggestion only that we have tested with Amulent® decor paint and 1mm tip and needle size) Use flow and adjustment knobs on sprayer to choke down or increase flow and spray patterns to your desired preferences.

* When using an extension cord to plug in to, always use a minimum 12 AWG extension cord with a maximum length of 25 ft. (Example shown in product pictures)

The (Spray~PRO+) includes authentic TCB Branding, 3 various size spray tips for any project, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, needle wrench, tip cleaner, and a gorgeous black satin bag with red lettering displaying the TCB logo make this a one of a kind spray kit. Keep everything inside the logo bag for safe keeping and just hang it up in your garage or work area when done. Use only TCB products with your Spray~Pro+. Using other paint brands or poly brands in the Spray~Pro+ will void the 30 day warranty on our product.

30 day warranty (The Chippy Barn® will repair or replace the purchasers Spray~Pro+ within 30 days of purchasing the Spray~Pro+ if there is a defect found that makes the Spray~Pro+ unusable for the purchasers painting projects. The purchaser will be responsible for all shipping costs to send their Spray~Pro+ back to The Chippy Barn® for our inspection and evaluation. If we can repair the purchasers Spray~Pro+ we will do that first and if we cannot we will replace with a new or re conditioned Spray~ Pro+. One repair or replacement per purchase allowed. Please read and understand thoroughly The Chippy Barn® 30 day guarantee policy before purchasing your Spray~Pro+. No acceptions or changes will be made to our 30 day guarantee after the 30 day period as there is no way for The Chippy Barn® to know how our product is being used after shipment to the purchaser)  

Thank you so much for considering The Chippy Barn® Spray~Pro+ Spray System as your preferred spray application product! 😊

All sales final 

120 VAC input / 550 Watt output

Complete set is $99.99 each

Happy Painting!


The Chippy Barn ships to the USA and Canada. No returns. All sales final.(Canadian residents please be aware that our site will display UPS Standard shipping rates for Canada but you will also be responsible to pay for all Duty and Tax fees over and above the UPS Standard rates produced on our site. Duty and Tax fees will be accessed at the border crossing on your order well after it leaves The Chippy Barn location. The Chippy Barn has no control over what these cost may be to you the purchaser). Your order will ship from The Chippy Barn location within 2 - 5 business days after purchase. All orders In the USA we will ship either through UPS Ground or USPS . Once your order ships you will receive a tracking link sent to your email with details on when your order will be arriving to you. We take great care and pride in how we package your order so it arrives to you in perfect condition. Your order will arrive to you in branded The Chippy Barn boxes or mailers.

TCB - Spray ~ PRO +
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