PRIME TIME- Bonding Primer

The Chippy Barn - PRIME TIME  Bonding Primer is designed with supreme gripping power for all your furniture refinishi...

The Chippy Barn - PRIME TIME  Bonding Primer is designed with supreme gripping power for all your furniture refinishing projects, raw wood sealing, millwork, doors, trim, siding, and ferrous & non-ferrous metals that are properly prepared inside your home and out! Two coats of PRIME TIME-Bonding Primer is suggested to help block stains and pesky tannin bleed through. Make all your painted surfaces Stick-Quick with The Chippy Barn interior and exterior PRIME TIME-Bonding Primer. 

Stir well in a circular motion while lifting up at the same time.

Apply 1-2 two coats by brush, roller, or sprayer before painting .

Dry to touch in one hour and apply additional coats after four hours.

All surfaces should be clean and free of oil, dirt, and contaminates before applying primer. Once Primer is thoroughly dry begin painting.

Always apply two coats of PRIME TIME-Bonding Primer if pesky tannin bleed through is expected. Apply first coat of Primer and allow 48 hours to dry thoroughly then apply second coat of Primer and let dry thoroughly for 24 hours then apply paint. It is very important to wait 48 hours before applying second coat of Primer.

<50g/L VOC before tinting.

One 32oz size covers approximately 150sq/ft

Available in White and tinted colors Red, Blue, Grey, Yellow



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PRIME TIME- Bonding Primer
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