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Supporting and lifting up other small business owners in our community, through our Content Creator program and our all new Community Partner program, has been a core focus of The Chippy Barn! 

For the next three months, we’re going to be bringing you some specialized content from five extra special refinishers. These hard-working artists have a lot of knowledge to share and we can’t wait to bring it to you! Read on to learn more about them!


I'm Laurie Andrisano, a stay-at-home-mom turned small business owner when I decided to refinish furniture and open an Etsy shop a few years ago.   It all started after my husband and I found an antique on the curb that needed some love, and quickly blossomed into Cottage Harbor Homes - a brand through which I express my beachy cottage style every day!  There's just something about making furniture beautiful again that I find therapeutic.  I love seeing a piece for the first time and thinking about what color, finish or look I want to go with.  Documenting the transformation just makes it that much more fun and through it I hope to show people what they can do with a little bit of love and paint! 

TCB: We couldn't help but become totally enamored with your work after you joined our Content Creator program last month! Tell us, how long have you been refinishing furniture?

LAURIE: I have been refinishing furniture on a professional level for 3 years. However, I was always that teenager with a paintbrush in my hand looking for the next project to paint so I feel like it's been forever!

TCB: You know, that's so true for so many of us too! Creativity is a lifestyle, for sure. Other than inspiration and a great paint, what is the most important piece of equipment/tool that a refinisher needs?

LAURIE: A good sander! I love my Dewalt oscillating sander. I feel like it's extremely important for me because I love to save a good wood finish if I can, especially the top of a piece! My favorite look is keeping a top wood stained and painting the rest of, (or most of) the rest of the piece.



Molly Rose Restores started in the winter of 2019 to 2020 after a military mandated move to North Carolina. I originally picked up refinishing furniture to make a little extra income while I was searching for a job after moving, but quickly fell in love with the entire process! It’s been just over half a year since the inception of my small business and I have refinished dozens of pieces in that time. I particularly love incorporating both stain and paint into my furniture design (I love a two-tone piece). I also work as a certified and licensed athletic trainer and I have a passion for sports medicine, athletics, and helping people. When I am not refinishing a piece or providing sports medicine coverage, I love to train for half marathons, do some gardening around the house, and walk my dog, Flynn!

TCB: What are your favorite color/s to use and, specifically, what color of Amulent Decor Paint are you currently loving?

MOLLY: I gravitate toward whites and light colors. My current favorite The Chippy Barn paints are “Paris Pink” and “Putty”. Paris Pink is the most stunning champagne pink. It looks amazing in photos but is even more gorgeous in person. Putty is the most beautiful beige gray. It is so versatile! I have been painting almost any piece I get my hands on in Putty.

TCB: Great colors! ;) So, we know that you refinish furniture professionally. Can you give us your #1 tip for a refinisher looking to start selling professionally?

MOLLY: It can be so nerve wracking, but put yourself out there! Don’t be afraid to reach out to local vendor spaces, promote yourself through social media, or network with other refinishers in the area. I was so nervous to share this new endeavor with anyone, but the outpouring of support from friends, family, and my community has been amazing.



Hi! I’m Sandra, the creator behind Black Lab Furniture Revival. I was raised and currently reside in Chicago, Illinois with my two daughters, my husband, and 5 fur babies; yes, you read that right. I enjoy a mix of vintage and modern styles. I have found a creative outlet with paint, a good brush and a furniture piece with good bones. I started painting furniture as a need to update my home's furnishings without having to invest in brand new pieces. I started this business venture in 2018, Ikea and antique shops are like Disney World to 35 year old me. My favorite pieces to paint are vintage secretaries. I always say that if I could run a business out of painting vintage secretaries of all shapes, colors, and sizes; I would.

TCB: We know that every refinisher needs a great paint, but what's the most important piece of equipment or tool that a refinisher needs?

SANDRA: Personally to me, a spray gun. It has saved me time and cramped hands.

TCB: Good pick, Sandra! We always recommend a good sprayer for a beautiful finish. It's so helpful! Speaking of being helpful, do you have any tips for a refinisher looking to start selling professionally? ;)

SANDRA: Utilize social media as your free marketing! Don’t be afraid to get your face out there. People will buy more easily from people they feel they “know”.






Hello! My name is Maddie, I'm the artist and owner of Brushed By Maddie. I'm 34 years old, happily married to my amazing husband and mother of 2 handsome boys. I began my furniture refinishing journey back in 2017. I really enjoy and love bringing old pieces of furniture back to life. I'm following my dream and passion by transforming this hobby into my own business.

TCB: Can you give us your #1 tip for a refinisher looking to start selling professionally?

MADDIE: If you do commission work, start out with a contract. Protect yourself and get paid for all those inevitable add ons and all of your hard work. Your clients will respect you for being professional, don't be afraid to be clear from the beginnings that you are paid according to specifications outlined in the contract. Most of us have had that difficult customer with 20 change orders and you don't want to go into that relationship without some backup. Specify costs for paint, distressing, glazing, finishing products and size and detail of piece. Don't forget to include no refunds and costs for touch-ups down the road if available. Communicate with your clientele by setting clear terms and expectations as well as negotiating the ever important factor... price. Send updates, keep them abreast on the schedule if you are ahead or behind, and reassure them that their piece is in good hands.

TCB: Wow, that's some great info! Definitely sounds like you've really established yourself as a professional in your area! What's been the biggest lesson you've learned during your furniture refinishing journey?

MADDIE: I've learned to believe in myself and not to compare my work with others,because we're all unique in our own way. I also learned not to be scared to charge what I'm worth.



I wear several hats in my day to day life. I'm a wife, a mother of 4 and I work full time as a pharmacy technician trainer at a major hospital. When I'm not doing any of those things, I run my business, Rustic Owl Furnishings. I started it 2 1/2 years ago and it's taken right off! I'm very thankful for that, because this is what I truly love. I love treasure hunting for antique decor or that perfect antique piece of furniture. Refinishing furniture is a lifestyle to me. I love finding antique or vintage furniture, imagining the transformation, and making it come to life! 

TCB: Other than a great paint, what is the most important piece of equipment/tool that a refinisher needs?

LINDSAY: A very good sander or paint brush! Equally as important.

TCB: What are your favorite color/s to use and, specifically, what color of Amulent Decor Paint are you currently loving?

LINDSAY: Definitely greens! My favorite Amulent Decor Paint color is Juniper.


We are beyond excited to bring you more amazing content from these talented refinishers! Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages to know when more content is released!

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