TUTORIAL: Using Wood Nectar with Molly Rose Restores

Guest post by: Molly of Molly Rose Restores

I often refinish very old and sometimes neglected pieces of furniture. While refinishing the outside of the piece can help rejuvenate a piece of furniture, the inside can often get neglected. Both are equally important to ensure that a piece will look and last a long time. The Chippy Barn Wood Nectar is the perfect multi-use product that can be used on both the outside and inside of a piece. This product is made of hemp oil and beeswax to refresh and revitalize wood. As a bonus, the sweet orange scent is amazing!

How to Use
Clean and prepare the unfinished wood piece. Prep work is incredibly important!

Take a lint free rag or high quality brush. Dip it into the wood nectar and apply to the unfinished wood. I chose to use a lint free rag and applied in a circular motion.

Work the product into the wood to apply evenly across the surface.

Wipe down with a clean cloth.

Where To Use
The inside of this wardrobe was very dried out and needed a refresh. I applied it to the inside of the closet portion as well as the inside and outside of the drawers. It made a huge difference! I love wardrobes because they are both beautiful and functional. Opening the drawers and door up to beautiful rejuvenated wood took this piece to the next level. Have I mentioned the sweet orange scent is amazing? I wanted to line the drawers, so I did not apply the Wood Nectar to the bottom segment. Look at the difference between the applied surface (the side) and the original wood (the bottom)

Drawers tend to stick, especially on older pieces. Apply this to a wood drawer tract and on the bottom of the slide for a smooth glide. No more catching or grinding drawers!

Sometimes drawers will pass along a painted portion of a piece of furniture, and can scratch or damage the paint. That was the case on this empire style lowboy dresser that I refinished (in The Chippy Barn “Paris Pink”). The bottom drawer would scratch the inside of the front legs of this piece. This can be so frustrating as a furniture refinisher, but adding a little bit of wood nectar on the outside of the drawer and along the painted surface will create a slick glide. No more paint chips and scratches!

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Molly Rose Restores started in the winter of 2019 to 2020 after a military mandated move to North Carolina. I originally picked up refinishing furniture to make a little extra income while I was searching for a job after moving, but quickly fell in love with the entire process! It’s been just over half a year since the inception of my small business and I have refinished dozens of pieces in that time. I particularly love incorporating both stain and paint into my furniture design (I love a two-tone piece). I also work as a certified and licensed athletic trainer and I have a passion for sports medicine, athletics, and helping people. When I am not refinishing a piece or providing sports medicine coverage, I love to train for half marathons, do some gardening around the house, and walk my dog, Flynn!

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