Hello,  and welcome to The Chippy Barn wholesale application and basic information page! If you have a Storefront or you rent a booth please look over the basics of our program and apply if interested! Please take into consideration what our program is designed for and our shipping times for wholesale purchases.


*$4000.00 Minimum Initial Buy In Purchase per store location

*Re Orders $250.00 Minimum per store location

*$4000.00 Yearly Minimum per store location

*60 Mile Radius/120 Mile Diameter Secured Territory Guaranteed NOT Zip Codes

* Wholesale Orders Ship In 3-6 Weeks

*Approx 45% Margins minus shipping costs

*Shipping Costs approx 15%- 20% of Sub Total Value

*Must have a Storefront or Booth to Sell From

* No other paint brands may be carried when an official TCB Retailer. Must be exclusive to The Chippy Barn only.

* The Chippy Barn Retailer Program is designed for anyone with a Storefront or Booth/ botique space to sell The Chippy Barn products to customers in your local area within the 120 mile diameter secured territory you are given.

*Purchase only the products you want to sell in your store

*Retail prices cannot be lower then as shown on TCB Site

*Must provide your state Re Sale Certificate Not just a sales tax ID number. (Example: Pennsylvania State Re Sale certificate is form Rev.1220)

*Applications are approved on a case by case basis

*Applicants must be well qualified to sell TCB products

*The Chippy Barn (TCB) reserves the right to accept or reject any application 

*Applications are approved or not approved within 30 days

*Authorized TCB Retailers must represent TCB and products in a professional manner at all times.

To become a Chippy Barn Retailer Just fill out the short form below and send your Re- Sale certificate and location of your store front or Booth and we will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible!

Contact us:  M-F 8AM -5PM EST 800-724-9610

Email: wholesale@thechippybarn.com

We look forward to working with you, Have a great day!

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