Paint your Most Magnificent Furniture peices with pride and protect your clothing with the so very popular The Chippy Barn¬ģ Designer AMULENT¬ģ Apron. Imprinted with the authentic The Chippy Barn¬ģ and Amulent¬ģ look and Logo.¬† *The Chippy Barn¬ģ and Amulent¬ģ...
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Amulent Quick Tips & Info Pamphlet
Amulent Quick Tip & Info pamphlet is printed on glossy paper with info inside when opened and on back side. Great little info pamphlet to keep on hand for customers! *Quick Clean and prep suggestions tips  *How to use &...
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Digital Color Card
Digital printed color card. 5.5" Wide x 8.5 " Long A Great addition to all your orders for a quick look at our color line up in digital color! TCB Digital Color Cards are all High Quality Premium Glossy card...
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Hand-Painted Amulent Color Card
FREE Shipping - Use Code (Color Card) at Check-Out!  Make sure to have one of these hand-painted color cards handy next time you're looking for the perfect color! Our hand painted color cards are actual paint on 1x1 squares to give you...
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Luxe Tones Color Card
All new Luxe Tones Color cards coming Soon PLUS our all New 8th Luxe Tone Color - Aged! Look over all your favorite Luxe Tones Colors with easy to use instructions and directions! This 5.5 x 8.5 High Quality Glossy...
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TCB -  Hardwood 8" designer Stir Sticks! We place FREE designer Stir Sticks in every liquid order you place here at TCB (The Chippy Barn) but if you need any extras we also sell them @ 0.35 each! *Each individual...
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Store/Booth Banner
Draw attention to your display by using this 1.7 x 3 ft High Quality Vinyl Banner that is sure to turn heads!
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TCB- T-Shirt
The all new ‚ÄúI‚Äôm a TCB girl!‚ÄĚ T-shirt is here! This high quality well made Gildan brand ultra cotton T-shirt is made to last for everyday use or just as a painting shirt when creating your favorite pieces for your...
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