FINE FINISH - Maybe It Was Memphis

Maybe It Was Memphis - a gorgeous darker styled muted green with grey undertones a little lighter than our color Ever...

Maybe It Was Memphis - a gorgeous darker styled muted green with grey undertones a little lighter than our color Ever After and so tranquil. Maybe It Was Memphis has been designed with the finest ingredients TCB offers and is on par with Obsidian and Olive Branch. Like all FINE FINISH-Hybrid Enamel colors Maybe It Was Memphis is complimented by a low luster satin self sealing sheen!

The Chippy Barn Fine Finish - Hybrid Enamel Paint is designed for when you need the most durable finishes on all your furniture, cabinets, and doors inside your home and out! Make everything beautiful with The Chippy Barn easy to use interior and exterior one step Hybrid Enamel water base finish. Created with advanced technology and specialized resins, Fine Finish - Hybrid Enamel Paint is the go to when you are looking for a supreme rock hard finish that can be achieved all in one step. Paint directly over sanded down raw wood with no primer unless tannin bleed through is expected with a lighter color! Apply primer to furniture pieces if silicone dusting spays or any other unseen contaminates are presumed to have been used prior that could cause any finish to fail. No top coat is needed with Fine Finish - Hybrid Enamel Paint as a gorgeous low luster Satin style sealer is already built in. Make all your projects shine and take them to the next level with The Chippy Barn Fine Finish - Hybrid Enamel Paint. Paint wood, metal, plastics, composites and more inside your home or out! If painting metal we recommend using a rust inhibiting primer before painting. All Fine Finish paint is water base.

 Recommended Directions For Use:

1. Stir well before using and during use.

2. Clean area well and prime before painting on previously painted pieces or if silicone style dusting sprays were used prior on the wood. No primer is needed if painting over sanded down raw wood unless tannin bleed through is expected.

3. Spray for the best smooth finish, or roll or use a quality polyester/nylon brush. Lightly sand between coats with 150-220 grit sandpaper or scratch pad.

(We have found the Wooster Silver Tip style brush works well in the 1-1/2” - 2” size and can be purchased at any hardware or home store or The Chippy Barn smoothy brush. Apply in thin layers and do not over work the paint.) If spraying you can thin with up to 10% water if needed. Adjust your sprayer for proper atomization and spray patterns.

4. Paint in temperatures of 60-85 degree F. @ 45-70% humidity for proper dry and curing. This is very important.

5. Dry to touch in less than one hour. Re coat in 24 hours. Most colors will cure and harden in 7-10 days but allow 21 - 30 days for full cure and hardening in the recommended temperature and humidity levels as is typical with all paints.

6. Do not scratch or scrape within the recommended curing times.

7. When first using practice on scrap wood or project to get the proper feel for brushing, Spraying, and Rolling.

8. Clean up with warm soapy water and dispose of rags, towels etc. in the appropriate manner.

*Please follow all directions and do not paint in a cold garage style setting in winter time or excessive heat and humidity in the summer times. It is very important to always paint in approx. 60 - 85 degree F temperatures at 45-70% humidity levels to allow the evaporation rates and curing times to take place as they need to. Altering from our recommended application and curing times will delay the cure and hardness of your finish. Always paint in thin layers as thick layers of paint will also extend evaporation rates and cure and hardening times as is typical with all paint. Do not over work paint or flashing may occur as is typical with every paint. Spray for the best smooth professional finish. Yellows and reds may require additional coats for full coverage as is typical. Do not scratch or scrape the newly applied finish within the recommended 21-30 day cure time. No sealers are needed with The Chippy Barn Fine Finish - Hybrid Enamel Paint.

<150g/L VOC (Less then 150 grams per litre VOC)


The Chippy Barn ships to the USA and Canada. No returns. All sales final.(Canadian residents please be aware that our site will display UPS Standard shipping rates for Canada but you will also be responsible to pay for all Duty and Tax fees over and above the UPS Standard rates produced on our site. Duty and Tax fees will be accessed at the border crossing on your order well after it leaves The Chippy Barn location. The Chippy Barn has no control over what these cost may be to you the purchaser). Your order will ship from The Chippy Barn location within 2 - 5 business days after purchase. All orders In the USA we will ship either through UPS Ground or USPS . Once your order ships you will receive a tracking link sent to your email with details on when your order will be arriving to you. We take great care and pride in how we package your order so it arrives to you in perfect condition. Your order will arrive to you in branded The Chippy Barn boxes or mailers.

FINE FINISH - Maybe It Was Memphis
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