If you're wondering what Amulent brings to the table as far as furniture painting is concerned, you're in the right place! Amulent is the newest and most innovative way to paint furniture! Created for ease and loved for the gorgeous results it provides, Amulent is the paint that more and more furniture painters are turning to.

Simply put, Amulent utilizes a special type of ceramic technology that allows it to outperform your expectations - with excellent flow and leveling properties, strength, durability and workability that is unmatched by any of its competition. 

What Other Refinishers Are Saying

“Super creamy and the finish is
so smooth and buttery that I barely
had to sand before I sealed it. Highly recommend it!”
Kristi from Chalk It Up LLC


“...I LOVE IT. It covered beautifully
in two coats, (...) It is super smooth and dries just slow enough to really minimize any brush strokes.”
Lauren from Portland Row Studio

“.From coverage, ease of use, distressing, color options... Amulent has and does it all! So thrilled I found this paint for my business!
Sarah from Sitting Pretty Home Decor

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