A Luxe Tones Event

October 25th - 29th, 2021


We'd love to invite you to our upcoming Luxe Tones launch, entitled, New Beginnings. More than just a name, this new line of Luxe Tones is an ode to resilience, to redecorating your home, to starting a business, or finding new and clever ways to keep a business alive. Whatever new beginning has started in your life, we're here to celebrate it with you, one coat of paint (or Luxe Tones 😉) at a time! #TCBNewBeginnings

  • Join us on October 25th, 2021 for the launch of 9 new on-trend Luxe Tones shades!

  • Formal invites and deluxe celebratory packaging in every October TCB order! 

  • Daily giveaways, Painting Parties, and multiple tutorials during Launch Week.

  • Grand Prize giveaway with SurfPrep Sanding!

  • During our Painting Parties on IG Live, join Gina from @sandededgesfurniture as we...

🙌 Chat with other furniture artists 🙌

🎁 Dole out party favors (a.k.a. giveaways and exclusive discounts!) 🎁 

🎉 Host our daily "party game" to get to know each other better! 🎉

💯 Share additional inspiration to inspire you in your next project 💯


So you're coming, right? Yay! We hoped you would! 🤗

“RSVP” to our New Beginnings launch to let us know you'll be tuning in during our Painting Parties - and when you do, you'll be entered to win one of our three opening day giveaways! There are two ways you can let us know you're coming... and they're listed below! 👇

  1. Film a TCB unboxing the next time you receive a package from us (but before the launch, or course! 😉). Simply film a quick TCB unboxing showing your audience your official invite (pssst... it'll be in your box!), share to your IG and tag us (@thechippybarn) while using the hashtag #TCBNewBeginnings. Woohoo, you’re all set! This entry will count as a double entry!

  2. OR, you could tag us in an IG story (hi there, friend! 👋), let us know you're excited about the launch and use the hashtag #TCBNewBeginnings. This will count as a single entry. 

Here's to our new beginnings!

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