Hello and welcome to the 2022 Chippy Barn (TCB) Brand Ambassador program!

The Chippy Barn is very excited to announce our new dynamic Brand Ambassador program for 2022! The Chippy Barn will be looking for a group of a few very talented individuals who love using TCB's totally unique one of a kind products and want to be part of The Chippy Barn team to create and promote painted furniture masterpieces! The Chippy Barn intends to launch our new Brand Ambassador program the first quarter of 2022! We know this will be a fun and exciting time for everyone involved and also an easy way for Brand Ambassadors to earn extra income, be the first to be part of building a fun fresh new team at TCB, & receive free monthly products from The Chippy Barn to create all your beautiful painted pieces for your home or business. We will be looking for very select individuals who love The Chippy Barn and all our products and will be proud to showcase all their beautiful creations on social media done in only TCB products! We will also want all of our Brand Ambassadors to show all their skill in refinishing furniture with TCB products and encourage everyone to use TCB products for all of their refinishing projects! We are looking for very loyal, kind, talented, good hearted people who love TCB products and have a passion for painted furniture like we do! You must also have previously used TCB products or are a current regular user of our products and are also 100% positive you love The Chippy Barn and everything we have to offer and want to be part of our rapidly growing team! The Chippy Barn believes in the importance of growing a close, friendly, and long lasting relationship with everyone we work with. Honesty, integrity, truth, high moral values, and trustworthiness are what we stand for and look for in everyone we work with. This is something that is most important to us and is a must to become a TCB Brand Ambassador.

The TCB Brand Ambassador program is designed to be a fun & happy time for everyone to enjoy and learn new ways and techniques to refinish furniture in 2022!

Here are the basics of our program:

 * Agree to create at least three beautifully staged pieces every month while promoting daily & weekly on social media using only (TCB) products of paints, luxe tones, waxes, top coats and Purple Painter & Smoothy series paint brushes along with TCB branded Wax brush sets that will be sent to you for Free in your monthly package! If you decide to become a permanent TCB Brand Ambassador we will also send you our soon to be released TCB branded Spray system Spray Gun! How much fun is this going to be, right?

* Agree to be exclusive to only (TCB). TCB will issue an affiliate code and contract to all our Brand Ambassadors. Please be aware TCB does reserve the right to offer affiliate codes outside the Brand Ambassador program if we see continual use and postings of our products on social media by any refinisher that loves TCB products and uses TCB products on a regular basis and shares with their audience. (Brand Ambassador contracts will go month to month with your first 30 days being a trial period where there will be no obligation for you to renew your contract or for TCB to continue with your contract after your initial 30 day period unless we both agree.) It's your call!

*Agree to a Affiliate commission of 20% of sales when anyone uses your affiliate code when placing an order at TCB. All payments will be made to your Pay Pal account. You may also offer your loyal followers a 10% discount when using your affiliate code associated with your Brand Ambassador contract to place an order. Please be aware TCB cannot guarantee any sales with any Affiliate code as it will be up to you to get your followers to use your code under your Brand Ambassador contract. All payments will be made to your Pay Pal account 3 business days M-F after completing your monthly contract.

Tax & IRS info:  Agree to submit IRS tax form W-9 to The Chippy Barn via email, USPS, UPS, or FED-EX prior to starting The Chippy Barn 2022 Brand Ambassador program. The Chippy Barn will send every Brand Ambassador IRS form 1099 by the deadline date as required by the IRS for any payments made to you by The Chippy Barn in any calender year of January- December. It will be your responsibility to report any income you receive from The Chippy Barn to the IRS as required. The Chippy Barn will report payments made to Brand Ambassadors/Affiliate code holders as required to the IRS as on a  yearly basis.

*Agree to promote daily & weekly and talk only positive and never negative about TCB and our products at all times and always be willing to answer any questions anyone may have.

*Agree to use Instagram & Facebook equally to talk in a excited and happy up beat manner about TCB products and your weekly project using only TCB products!

*Agree to tag TCB in every post you do so we can watch your progress and share with our audience all your great work on our Instagram & Facebook.

*Agree to make weekly Instagram reels showing your project from start to finish and all your techniques on how to refinish furniture using TCB products so all audiences can follow along and learn new and fun things from you!

*Agree to comment and engage with any and all posts TCB adds to Instagram or Facebook weekly.

*Agree to send us your favorite picture of yourself and all info you would like everyone to know about you before your starting date so we can create a post and introduce you to our audience on our Instagram & Facebook!

*Agree to read, understand, and sign the small Affiliate contract we send you before starting the TCB Brand Ambassador Program. This is also a must!

*(TCB urges everyone to seek legal council before entering into any contract)

*You must have an engaged social media platform on Instagram & Facebook with at least 3000 followers on each and love refinishing furniture! This is our base line for qualifications but we will still consider everyone individually as needed.

The Chippy Barn wants this to be a new Fun & Exciting time for all our Brand Ambassadors in 2022 and give you the opportunity to stay on permanently with TCB if you so choose. Plus, you get to be creative and try all our great products for Free! Yay!!

If this all sounds like fun and you feel it is something you would like to do and know that you can do, please fill out the brief form below and if you fit what we are looking for our social media manager will be in contact with you soon!

Thank you so much for applying to The Chippy Barn 2022 Brand Ambassador program. We are looking forward to working with everyone! We will look over your wonderful application and if you are a good fit for us we will be in contact with you soon!

Happy Painting!

TCB 😊 








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