Hey, you! We are so glad you stopped by. We have so much to tell you. Really... so much. But let's start with you. What brings you to these parts of the interwebs? Furniture paint...eh? Yay! Amazing money-saving deals? Even better! You sound like us.

The Chippy Barn knows all about that creative brain of yours, bursting with artistic genius, just waiting to spring into action to restore that old dusty buffet in the corner of your dining room... or the cabinets in the upstairs bathroom that are just dying for a coastal makeover. See? We get you. And we get furniture.

And that's what brings us here, to help you. In addition to our very own Amulent Decor Paint (which, thanks to the most recent ceramic technology, is the most advanced decor paint to help you unleash your artisanry on the world!) our decadent selection of accessories, fast delivery, and our exclusive mailing list is what helps us give you more. (And one more note about our mailing list... It's pretty much the place to be if you like to save money on furniture painting supplies and hardware!)

Anyways, we're glad you're here. And seriously... consider joining our community – just sign up in the footer!





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