TCB- Synthetic - OVAL Supreme
TCB's -  2" Synthetic OVAL Supreme is the Strong and Beefy all around brush for all TCB Paint and applications. Solid wood handle and a mix of the finest High Tech bristles makes this brush a top contender to any...
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TCB- 1.5" & 2" Synthetic ANGLER Brush
TCB - 1.5" & 2" Synthetic bristle  SMOOTHY Angler Brush is designed with silky smooth filaments that bend with each pass to provide a nice smooth finish with all TCB Paint. The light weight long beaver tail style solid wood handle...
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Universal Chalk Style Brush
The Universal easy flow Chalk Style brush is designed just right to handle the thin easy flow and workability of The Chippy Barn® all New CHIPPY CHALK - Sandable Finish Paint! Chalk Art is now easier then ever with CHIPPY...
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X1- 2" Purple Painter
COMING SOON! The all New authentic The Chippy Barn  X1 - 2" Oval Purple Painter brush! The X1 bares the official & authentic The Chippy Barn Federally Trademarked logo lasar etched into the seamless stainless steel ferulle and black print...
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