TUTORIAL: Get a Beautiful Coastal Finish!

Guest post by: Laurie of Cottage Harbor Homes

When I first saw the beautiful antique dresser and mirror that I painted with Amulent Paint, I knew the look I wanted to go for.  A pale shade of coastal blue green.  I chose the color Patina Shadow because it was exactly the tone I had imagined. 

1. Not knowing if the piece had original lead paint on it, I knew the plan was going to be a solid color on the base and drawer fronts. The top was already very distressed and most of the old paint had come off, so I decided to wear protective gear and wet sand the top down to the natural wood.

2. I was in love with the blonde tone that was revealed, so I decided rather than stain it I would just protect it with a few layers of TCB's Ultra Tough Topcoat in Flat. It went on so smoothly and self leveled beautifully - meaning zero brush strokes!!

3. I didn't sand the rest of the dresser at all! I cleaned it with some warm damp towels and then went in with Patina Shadow. I was floored at the smooth application and coverage of the first coat. I honestly felt like the second coat of a high end chalk paint.

4. I wouldn't have even had to go in with a second coat since it was such full coverage, however I did just incase the original paint happened to be lead. I wanted that baby armored!

5. The last steps were to cover the base with the Amulent top coat and to change out some of the hardware with antique handles I had been given years back.

I was so excited to use Amulent Paint on this dresser and loved the outcome so much that I decided to keep it! I can't wait to start using more paint colors from Amulent amazing collection.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us, Laurie! Check out Cottage Harbor Homes for more great content!

I'm Laurie Andrisano, a stay-at-home-mom turned small business owner when I decided to refinish furniture and open an Etsy shop a few years ago. It all started after my husband and I found an antique on the curb that needed some love, and quickly blossomed into Cottage Harbor Homes - a brand through which I express my beachy cottage style every day! There's just something about making furniture beautiful again that I find therapeutic. I love seeing a piece for the first time and thinking about what color, finish or look I want to go with. Documenting the transformation just makes it that much more fun and through it I hope to show people what they can do with a little bit of love and paint!

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