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When I discovered The Chippy Barn's Amulent Decor Paint I was so impressed with its incredible coverage. The ease of application makes my refinishing process enjoyable and creates beautiful, long-lasting finishes. 

If you are new to furniture painting here are some tips that can make your refinishing process as enjoyable as mine: 

Step 1
Each piece is thoroughly cleaned using my go-to product, Krud Kutter, prior to painting.

Step 2
Properly sanding a piece of furniture is the secret to a great paint job. A light sanding, a quick back and forth motion is all you need. I use a fine #220 grit sandpaper. (Remove dust from sanding after) 

Step 3
Priming is not always necessary but in some cases it acts as an ideal base for paint to adhere to; blocking stains, hiding previous colors, and sealing the surface. Primer allows paint to have lasting-coverage and a durable finish.

Step 4
After following these previous steps your piece is ready for the fun part! With a variety of gorgeous colors to choose from, Amulent Decor Paint has fantastic coverage usually requiring only two coats with a very good brush.

Step 5
After the paint is applied, it is time to seal your piece. I use The Chippy Barn clear Specialty Waxes or matte finish Ultra-Tough Topcoat. The wax goes on so easily and they even come in different scents! A good brush or lint-free cloth is the best way to apply waxes, while the top coat can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on. 

I hope this information can help you as you begin discovering your own process in refinishing. The Chippy Barn products will give you the amazing quality and durability you are looking for!

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