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Guest post by: Molly of Molly Rose Restores

When I first started my refinishing business, the military had just moved us several months ahead of when we had originally anticipated. We packed up our home and life to travel over 700 miles to our new house and I started refinishing furniture to make some extra income while I was between jobs.

The sudden change of leaving friends and a place you loved behind was incredibly difficult. Refinishing furniture was a new hobby, but soon became a way to cope with the drastic life changes imposed on my little family.

My academic and career background is in sports medicine and I am a certified and licensed athletic trainer. A huge part of my profession is rehabilitating hurt athletes to help them overcome their injury and return to the sport they love.

The process of refinishing furniture can be related to what I do in sports medicine, only with old dressers and vanities instead of people with injuries. The goal is always to take something that needs some work and give it the help it needs to be better than it was when you found it.

The first big renovation project I ever tackled was a secretary that I found hidden in the back room of an antique shop. The piece was completely buried in broken parts of other furniture and covered in dust.

At first sight anyone could tell this piece had seen better days, but I tried to see past the jutting nails, tilted frame, and missing detailing. I was immensely inspired and excited by the vision of what it could be.

The list of repairs was extensive and it took a lot of research and trial and error to rehabilitate this piece. After a lot of love, new wallpaper, some stain, and several coats of The Chippy Barn "Fawn" (one of my absolute FAVORITE colors) this piece had new life.

This secretary is proudly displayed in my living and I don’t think I will ever be able to part with it. Not only was it the first technically challenging piece I ever tackled, it also gave me a steady goal in a very transitional period in my life. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a piece that is overlooked or hidden away and rejuvenating it to be a prominent article in someone’s home. 


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Molly Rose Restores started in the winter of 2019 to 2020 after a military mandated move to North Carolina. I originally picked up refinishing furniture to make a little extra income while I was searching for a job after moving, but quickly fell in love with the entire process! It’s been just over half a year since the inception of my small business and I have refinished dozens of pieces in that time. I particularly love incorporating both stain and paint into my furniture design (I love a two-tone piece). I also work as a certified and licensed athletic trainer and I have a passion for sports medicine, athletics, and helping people. When I am not refinishing a piece or providing sports medicine coverage, I love to train for half marathons, do some gardening around the house, and walk my dog, Flynn!

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