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Guest post by: Sandra of Black Lab Furniture Revival

As a furniture painter, there is nothing more satisfying than taking an outdated or even damaged piece of furniture and restoring it.

Taking furniture pieces that have been passed down for even 100 years and making them a part of a new forever home is the biggest satisfaction for me.

I will admit that it wasn't always the case for me. I enjoyed my fair share of disposable furniture with DiY assembly until one day I was given a vintage china cabinet that was very outdated.

Even though at that time I didn't know what I know now on proper painting techniques, stepping back and seeing that piece transformed started me on a new journey.

Every piece that I have reimagined and that has found a new home really solidifies the importance to what we do.

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Hi! I’m Sandra, the creator behind Black Lab Furniture Revival. I was raised and currently reside in Chicago, Illinois with my two daughters, my husband, and 5 fur babies; yes, you read that right. I enjoy a mix of vintage and modern styles. I have found a creative outlet with paint, a good brush and a furniture piece with good bones. I started painting furniture as a need to update my home's furnishings without having to invest in brand new pieces. I started this business venture in 2018, Ikea and antique shops are like Disney World to 35 year old me. My favorite pieces to paint are vintage secretaries. I always say that if I could run a business out of painting vintage secretaries of all shapes, colors, and sizes; I would.

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