How-To Paint Furniture with Amulent Decor Paint

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Paint your next masterpiece easily, with Amulent Furniture and Decor Paint. Whether you're creating an antiqued and time-worn look or a modern and sleek look, Amulent was designed to do it all and provide a simple way to get a gorgeous finish.

Our unique formulation is unlike anything else. It doesn't contain any chalk, clay or other fillers. Why? Because it doesn't need to in order to provide exceptional flow and leveling abilities that help create a gorgeous, nearly brush stroke-free finish. 

In fact, Abi from says, "It just looks so soft. The ceramic paint acts just like chalk paint, but preforms way better."

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Keep reading to learn how to use Amulent Furniture and Decor Paint!

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1. Prep

Do you need to prep? Well, it's really up to you. The better the piece is prepped, the better your final finish will be. Amulent was created for max adhesion and durability, so you will often be fine without prepping, however, we would suggest some level of prep. But, if you're working on a surface that is slick or shiny, we do always suggest buffing the surface lightly before starting. No big deal, just your average prep. So there you have it... do the prep that you think your project requires. 

2. Prepare the paint.

Just make sure to stir Amulent thoroughly before starting. Unless you're the Incredible Hulk, shaking won't be enough to thoroughly mix. So stir all the way to the bottom!

3. Start painting! 

Simply apply 2-3 light coats of paint. Do not overwork the paint - Amulent will self-level. Wait 2-4 hours in between coats.

4. Let dry thoroughly

This really depends on your comfort level and, honestly, how rushed you are. But, giving yourself a good day to let the paint dry and start to harden up will ensure you can get a flawless application of our Ultra-Tough Topcoat or Specialty Wax. And who doesn't want that?

We hope you'll use The Chippy Barn's Amulent Decor Paint for your next project so you can see for yourself how easy Amulent will make your furniture refinishing projects!

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