How-To Use Gilding Wax on Your Painted Furniture


Adding a dash of metallic sheen to your painted furniture or DIY crafts is a gorgeous AND EASY way to instantly update a tired piece or add a classy touch! 

Get the look!

Using our Precious Metals Gilding Wax is super simple!

1. Make sure you have...

  • your favorite gilding wax color
  • a small detail brush
  • a pair of gloves (optional)
  • a clean buffing cloth (optional, for added shine)

2. Next, apply with a brush or your finger to small detailed areas that you want to enhance with a stunning gilded glimmer. 

3. Start out with a small amount and rub a thin coat into the surface. You can even use gilding wax on your old hardware to bring new life to them!

4. After the gilding wax is completely dry, you can buff gently with a clean buffing cloth to bring an enhanced shine to the gilding wax! 
Pro-tip! Try making a custom color by mixing 2 colors! Love Rose Gold? Simply mix a little Antique gold and a touch of Copper Leaf to get this trendy look. Just mix until you get your perfect color!


The Chippy Barn | Gilding Wax

In the photo above, Jessica at Blue Peaches Furniture covered the entire surface of this thin frame with our Antique Gold Gilding Wax to create this stunning look! 

Were you wondering this?

P.S. In case you were wondering... there IS a difference between the finish of a metallic spray paint and a metallic gilding wax. The gilding wax will impart a luxe waxed finish that reflects the light slightly differently in different areas! 

Jessica | Blue Peaches Furniture
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